Packing up

We are within one week of getting married which means, we have about 10 days to dedicate to packing up two lives and merging them in Orlando. Last night as I was helping Millie pack up some of her room, I was impressed at how much she loved her memories. She has saved a lot more of her past than I have.

On another note, I have updated my reading list on and wrote a little something on an Xbox 360 game I’ve enjoyed called Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Big date

Today I’m taking my beautiful friend, best friend, girl friend, fiancée, and soon to be wife out on a date. It has been a while since we’ve gone out on a date, but today is always a good day to start again. I can’t believe we’re 12 days from getting married!!! Better bring your A game ;-)

Mass Effect

I’ve had a great time learning Mediawiki. I started a little project using the wiki database for an upcoming RPG from Bioware. Take a look at it! Right now, I’m number two on Google for “mass effect wiki” and number 58 for just “mass effect”. A week ago I was like 98 for “mass effect”.

 I also just got back from Mancation…and I am exhausted.

I’ve had a good time working on I’m fairly pleased with the new site. I have wrestled with how to get a lot of information to individuals and small group leaders without overloading them. And actually, the tougher struggle has been of all the great theologians out there that have written on Romans, what do I have to offer? I mean John Calvin write several pages on each verse. But like Google, it is a beta, so all criticisms will fall on deaf ears hahaha. 

On another note, last week I made my run the other day in 17:55 which felt like quite a feat. I turned around at 9 minutes and 4 seconds, but was able to make up the 9 seconds on the way back. Then yesterday, I ran to the Lovettsville post office and back. I sold some books on Amazon, so I decided to run the 2.75 miles there and 2.75 miles back. I did each leg in about 45 minutes, which is nothing to brag about, but I was slowed down by the books.