Super Bowl

This time each year, while Americans are all agog for the Super Bowl, I have a personal realization that I have never missed a Super Bowl save my infant years. The only other cultural even I have attended as consistently is Christmas. Thanksgiving, possibly my favorite holiday, is in third place because I missed it in 2002 and 2003 while I was in Ghana and Afghanistan.

I don’t care much for either team, but I am looking forward to the big game!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

I feel like I am becoming an expert in SEM. I have learned that the average person with 12 months of website analytics gets over $78,000. Wowza! Internet marketing is still growing because you can get the ROI on your marketing efforts – ROMI if you will.

Why do I feel like an expert? Reading blogs. Adage, Search Engine Watch, Web Analytics Association, etc. I also came across which I need to check out further.

I have also started offering some advice to some small web projects on how to improve their web presents. It is largess I know, but how else was I going to get a word of the day into this blog?

A Typical Evening at the Shipes?

I have come to the realization that I sit far too much during the day. This is proven fact by the following natural science. When my chair makes the “this person is finally getting off me” noise, both of my cats stop what they are doing, their pupils widen as they stair at me. The best is when they pause mid-lick with their tongue sticking out.

However, I have not found the solution to this “all the time sitting” scenario my life resembles. A stand up desk might be my solution however, that would require either time or money. Both are a scarcity at the moment.

[Brief pause…]

…Had to chase down my vacuous cat for the second time with the squirt gun for his wanton disobedience of our one rule. Well, the one rule besides litter etiquette.