Bash a Face in – Buy a Prayer Cross

Maybe a good product, but could use help marketing

Maybe a good product, but could use help marketing

The other night I was watching Ultimate Fighter Champion Rich Franklin vs Evan Tanner 2 when I saw a commercial that was completely out of place. I see absolutely no connection between a Cross necklace that you can see the Lord’s Prayer when you look through the center crystal and Ultimate Fighter Champion.

The money spent on that advertisement was almost totally wasted. There will never be a shortage of people who are ready to throw money away thinking it’s a marketing opportunity. Please do not put any money towards marketing without at least knowing your target, the demographics and reach of the marketing opportunity. This information is available in any media kit and could have easily saved IdeaVillage the time and money. Or better yet, trade the money spent on un-targeted tv shows for highly targeted social marketing opportunities. You will halve the reach, but quadruple the sales – funny the effect of proper targeting.

To recap: The Prayer Cross & Ultimate Fighter Champion DON’T MIX!

Technology Guru

I don’t often feel like a technology guru, so it is imperative that I brag about being a genius when those moments arrive. For the longest time, I have used my HP desktop running Vista64 in our living room using our Sharp tv. I liked killing three birds with one screen (computer, tv, Xbox). I ran cable through my computer using Windows Media Center and my external hard drive as a DVR. The downside was a lack of productivity on my part, as you can imagine being in the middle of the house and using the tv. Continue reading