Get free from the fear of the unknown.

This spreadsheet template makes budgeting easy and flexible.

I've tried Mint, Quicken, Money and many other solutions to manage my personal budget...They were all either too expensive, full of ads or too restrictive. So, I built my own.

Family Budgeting...Must Support Multiple Users

A Google Sheet gave me the flexibility of Excel and the ability to have multiple users. Now my wife and I are on the same page with our spending.

Financial Unity

Have a family financial plan you both agree with.


Keep everyone on the same page.

Peace of Mind

Know where your finances are each month.

Own Your Own Solution

I'm planning to put up instructions on how to build your own budget spreadsheet with details on all the formulas used. Hopefully, I can get that up fairly soon...

Why Analyze Cash Flow?

Cash Flow just means having a financial plan. That way you avoid surprizes and costly overdraft fees.

Learn About Cash Flow

Does It Download Transactions?

No. If you are like me, automatically downloading transactions gave me less insight to my spending.

See Why Automation Is Not Always Best

How To Budgetl

Ad executives love when you don't have a budget. Not knowing where to start, puts us right in their hands.

Simple Steps To Start a Budget

Zero Security Risks Or Ads

You never have to give over account numbers or bank details.

It is a premium budget template in Google Sheets.

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Extraordinary Essentials

Get your family on the same page with the right tools.

Monthly & Yearly Budgeting


Cashflow Projections

Learn About Cash Flow



Spending Analysis By Category

See The Chart

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